Welcome to the Night Watcher BBS



       It has been over 10 years since Night Watcher began. At the time it was hopeful that Lexington would use Night-Watcher and Applied Telecommunications to launch into the world of the Internet. Lexington did but many issues forced the eventual demise of ATI. Night-Watcher, however, lives on. Still home to hundreds of users and used now internationally as a launch point into the world of MUDS, Night-Watcher continues to trudge forward.

       In 2003 Night-Watcher hardware was slightly upgraded but continues to run on it's own operating system safe from threat. Online games are still used, but minimally. Chat, though it exists, is rarely the reason people come to Night-Watcher. Instead NW is home of Galactic Empire and Trivia and a place to return to a simpler time on the internet. Easy telnet access and internet email make it a nice place to visit.

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Night-Watcher supports QX.net as a local Lexington internet provider